Finally, a solution for professional, cost-effective cubicles!

High prices, time-consuming meetings, high installation, and design costs, too many parts to order, never-ending "punch" lists of missing items due to human error….the list seems to be endless. What is a business or individual, home-based consumer to do?

Cubicles currently offered in the market are complicated and typically need to be laid out by brand-expert space planners and installed by product-specialists, not to mention they often take several months for delivery! Small companies or organizations can't afford to pay for such services and can't wait for such long lead times; they need it at an affordable cost and Ready-to-Work®.

Quite simply, Cube in-a-Box is the "cure for the common cubicle". If you are tired of getting the run around by salespeople who do not have your best interests in mind, then take a closer look and discover the value and quality that Cube in-a-Box offers.  

Cube in-a-Box is the right solution for those that want high quality, and professional looking cubicles FAST and at an AFFORDABLE price. Not to mention - everything is included in a SINGLE box and delivered directly to your office or home. How much easier can it get? You can be Ready-to-Work® in under an hour!

Cube in-a-Box is perfect for:

  •  Small Businesses
  •  Home Office
  •  Students
  •  Start-Ups
  •  Retail
  •  Hospitality
  •  And - the list is endless!!

Why is Cube in-a-Box a great solution?

  •  Pre-Packaged Boxes - everything required comes in a SINGLE box
  •  Easy Fast Assembly - easy to understand online video gets it done in 30-45 minutes
  •  Ergonomic Designs - all work surfaces and components aid in proper work habits
  •  Trendy Materials - extruded aluminum and contemporary style will keep this looking good!
  •  Beautiful Finishes - highest quality laminate and aluminum materials
  • 100% Green Products - ZERO percent landfill - nothing goes to waste!