1.  Are different colors available? 

Yes, there are currently more colors available and they carry a minimum quantity requirement. In coming months, we will offer multiple colors as standard items, available in any quantity, and the colors will be displayed on the website.

2.  Are electric power outlets provided? 

No, power does not come standard at this time. 

3.  Are there low wall panels available? 

Call us for more details regarding our panel sizes. 

4.  Can I order just one Cube in-a-Box, or do I need to order in bulk? 

Yes - you can order just one Cube in-a-Box or as many as you want. 

5.  Can I connect multiple Cube in-a-Box’s together to form a row or a cluster of cubicles for my office? 

Yes - you can make as long a row as you need or as large a cluster as is required. Please call or email our Contract Furniture representative markm@cubeinabox.com and he will assist you with your project needs.

6.  Can I order a Cube in-a-Box for my student at university and have it shipped directly to them? And, is it easy for them to assemble? 

Yes - to both. You can order Cube in-a-Box off our website and have it shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada. Just follow the easy instructions during the check-out process. The product is easy to assemble. Click on the “Installation” page and that will take you to a YouTube video that shows complete assembly instructions. Assembly should take 30-45 minutes.