Cube in-a-Box

Cube in-a-Box is the newest in Ready-to-Work office furniture. Cube in-a-Box is a Ready-to-Work office cubicle that can be set up in just 30-45 minutes, and can be delivered to your house or business in a single box! This new cubicle is ideal for home office or the business that needs a few workstations. Don’t be fooled though, Cube in-a-Box can also be set up like a traditional cubicle with our 2,3, and 4 way posts. I almost forgot to mention, a bookshelf, paper tray, and pencil holder are included in the single box! So the possibilities are endless with this great product. The price points of the V. Series cubes are spectacular. I can guarantee you that no other manufacture will be able to beat are price points in comparison to their cubicle prices. Visit our website at